• Evaluate age and suggest when to rotate out for replacement.
  • Upgrade old hard drives to faster efficient solid state drives.
  • Increase the amount of memory.
  • check for latest Microsoft updates and security patches.



  • Email filtering for bogus sites that cause problems.
  • White list emails to reduce dangerous or junk emails.
  • Email protective scanning to prevent users from being infected.



  • Optimize local are bandwidth.
  • Ensure workstations are capable of high speed file transfer.
  • Configure multiple wireless access points throughout the office.



  • Share printer between users.
  • Host printer on server to reduce load on user’s pc.
  • Printer permissions
  • Set printer to default to black and white to reduce printing cost



  • We install and manage a large variety of corporate and unique software applications



  • Central location for all files under lock and key.
  • Manage user’s access and permission levels from one keyboard.
  • Setup remote access from home for out of office employees.